3 Times It Makes Sense To Use A Payday Loan

Paydays loans should not be used as a cash advance on your paycheck every month. Payday loans are designed to help you out when you are in a tough spot. You should use payday loans when you have a real emergency and need some assistance getting by until your next paycheck.

#1 Have An Emergency Financial Situations

The first time that it makes sense to use a payday loan is when you have an emergency financial situations come up. For example, you had to pay $200-dollars co-pay to take your sick child to the E.R. and now you really need that exact amount of money to pay the electrical bill. You know that come next payday, you will have more than an extra $200 dollars in your account, but you don't right now.

Situations where you have to pay an unexpected expense that you know that you will be able to cover with your next paycheck are when you should apply for a payday loan. Payday loans are designed to help you out when you have to make a large co-pay to the E.R. or pay a deductible to get your vehicle fixed after an accident or when you encounter another short term cash emergency.

#2 Can Pay Back The Loan

If you find yourself in an emergency where you need extra cash, but will not be able to pay back the loan right away, a payday loan is not for you. With a payday loan, you are going to be charged a high interest rate. You are going to be requires to pay that loan back when you get your next paycheck with interest. If you don't have the flexibility in your budget to pay back the entire loan amount with your next paycheck, you should skip out on a payday loan and see if you can get a longer term loan from your bank or from a friend. Payday loans should only be obtained when you know you have the room in your budget to pay them off with your next paycheck.

#3 Work With A Single Lender

Finally, you should only get a payday loan if you are working with a single lender. In most states, it is illegal to take out a payday loan from multiple lenders. If you already have one payday loan out from one lender, do not try to take a second payday loan out with another lender. Not only is this practice illegal in many states, it will also put you in a position where you owe more money than you can afford to pay back. Not paying back your payday loan on time can result in some steep fines, putting you in a bigger financial hole. You should never take out a payday loan if you have another payday loan that you still have to pay back.

You should only take out a payday loan when you have a short-term emergency that you can afford to pay back with your next paycheck and you don't have any other existing payday loans in play. Contact a company, like American Cash Advance and Title Loan, for more help.