What To Know About Bail Bounty Hunters

Bail bounty hunters are professionals who specialize in locating and arresting offenders who have failed to turn up for a scheduled court date. When a court sets a bail bond for an offender, a person can decide to seek the services of a bail bondsman in order to secure their bail bond. When posting bail bonds, the agent assures the court that the offender will turn up for their scheduled court appearances.

However, when the offender skips their court date, the bail bonds person has a set timeline to return the offender to court, or they lose their money. It is during such cases when a bail bondsman seeks the services of a bail bounty hunter in order to retrieve the offender. So, what does a bail bounty hunter do?


Every successful bail bounty hunter must have extensive experience in doing investigations. That's the reason why many bail bounty hunters begin their careers as police officers. This gives the bail bounty hunters the necessary experience and background that is required for a person to be a bail bounty hunter.

The investigative work of bail bounty hunters requires them to locate offenders using various methods and resources like checking driver's license, vehicle license plates, and computer searches. Also, a bounty hunter can interview the friends and relatives of the offender, but they must do all this while following the law. It is vital for a bounty hunter to know the laws that govern their state, as well as the neighboring states since offender can escape to other states.

Surveillance and Making Arrest

A bounty hunter's job is not as easy as it appears on television shows. Mostly, it requires one to sit for long without doing anything else other than conducting surveillance. A good bail bounty hunter knows where and what to search for, and do surveillance without alerting other people. While in pursuit of a defendant, a bail bounty hunter can sit for extended periods of time doing surveillance on the offender's family and friends, in hoped that they will arrest the offender.

When the bail bounty hunter locates the defendant, they are allowed to arrest them and surrender them to the court. However, a bail bounty hunter is supposed to do all these within the set legal requirements.


The laws governing bounty hunters differ from state to another. Generally, a bail bounty hunter is usually expected to have a license to operate in a particular state. If the bounty hunter operates in more than one states, then they are expected to have a license to operate in each state. However, there are some non-bail states in the US, and if a bounty hunter is caught operating on those states, they can get arrested and charged in a court of law.