How Skipping Bail Often Leads To Another Arrest

If you choose to hire a bail bond agent to help you get out of jail, you must make some commitments to the agent that bails you out. One of the obligations is that you agree to attend all your court hearings. After getting out of jail, you must abide by this rule and all the others you agreed to follow. If you do not follow this rule, it will likely lead to another arrest. Here is an explanation of why this occurs.

The Bail Bond Agent Gets the Money Back If You Follow the Rules

When you contact a bail bond agent from jail, they will agree to help you if you meet certain conditions. If they agree to help you, you are bound to the agent until the court releases your money. The agent must put up a lot of money to get you out of jail, and the agent does this with the understanding that the court will return the money once you complete specific duties and tasks. If you break the rules while out on bail, the bail bond agent loses the money from the deal.

The Court Issues a Warrant If You Break the Rules

The second thing to know is that you have duties to the court when you get released on bail. The court will explain the responsibilities so that you understand them, and one is that you must attend every hearing at the courthouse that involves your case. When a defendant fails to arrive at a court hearing on time, the court has rights. One of the court's rights is to issue a warrant for the person. You can and should expect this to occur if you skip a court hearing.

The Bail Bond Agent Has the Legal Right to Find You

When you have a warrant for your arrest, the bail bond agent has the legal right to find you. After all, you owe them money, and they will come looking for you to collect it and return you to jail.

Using a bail bond agent to get out of jail is an easy method that results in a fast release. If you use this method, you must learn the rules and follow them. If you do not do this, you will find yourself in more legal trouble. If you have questions about how this works in a case or about arrest bail bonds in general, ask a local bail bond agent.