What Do Bail Bond Agents Expect When Offering Services?

People get arrested every day, and many of these individuals get out of jail within hours by paying bail. Paying bail is the easiest way to get out quickly, but you must have the necessary money to get out. If you do not have the money, you can turn to a bail bond agent. When using a bail bond agent, you might want to find out what they expect of you in exchange for their services. They will tell you exactly what they expect when offering the services, and here are some of the primary things.

A Fee Paid Upon Services

The first thing they will expect is for you to pay a fee. The fee amount depends on the court's bail cost. If the bail is $1,000, your fee will probably be at least $100. It could be more, though. They will not agree to help you get out if you cannot pay this fee. The good news is that you do not have to pay the fee with cash. If you have no money to use for it, they might accept collateral. Do you have jewelry, guns, or a car title you are willing to give them for the fee? You can get these items back later in your case if you pay the required payment, but you must offer something to them if you want to get out.

Attend Your Court Hearings

Bail bond agents pay the bail bonds for people who want to get released from jail early. These agents receive their money back from the courts when their clients do what they are told. If you got arrested, it is because the court has criminal charges against you. When you have criminal charges, you must go to court hearings. You might have only one hearing or many, but you must attend every single one. Your bond agent expects this of you, as they only receive their money back if you go to these court appearances.

Avoid Further Legal Trouble

The other major thing that a bail bond agent expects is for you to avoid further legal trouble. If you get out of jail on bail and get arrested again for other charges, you could lose your bail money. If you lose your bail money, the agent also loses theirs. Therefore, you must avoid all legal problems after getting out on bail. You can talk to a bail bond agent to learn more about the requirements.

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