Here's Why You Should Opt For A 24-Hour Bonding Company

If you or a loved one have ever been arrested, the first thing that likely crossed your mind was getting out fast. No one wants to be in jail long since most of these facilities are designed for transient populations rather than long-term incarceration and therefore tend to be underdeveloped for such. On that note, nowadays, you don't have to stay in jail longer than necessary because you can get bail at any time when working with a reputable 24-hour bond dealer. The main reasons to work with such bonding services are outlined below.

1.       Convenience

According to a recent report, although more than half of police incidents occurred in the daytime, more violent crimes transpired at night, including murder, motor vehicle theft, robbery, and aggravated assault. That is why the police make arrests at any time of the day or night. Now, suppose you are apprehended in the nighttime. In that case, you don't necessarily have to wait until morning to start the bail bonding process. Depending on the jurisdiction, type of crime, and the availability of the relevant officers, you can call a 24hr bonding company to help you post bail immediately, thereby securing a faster release.

2.       Fill out paperwork overnight

Most bail bonds service providers require you to fill out specific forms before processing your request. For instance, you may have to tackle forms concerning the bail bond application and indemnity agreement, bail terms and conditions, surety-bail disclosure, unpaid premium agreement, and credit card authorization. Although most bondsmen allow you to fill them out online using a smartphone or computer, the process is often lengthy and time-consuming. The best thing to do to ensure said paperwork doesn't cause your loved ones to stay in jail longer is to find a 24hr bondsman who will allow you to deal with the paperwork overnight. That way, you can post bail and secure release early in the morning without worrying about running around filling forms in a crowded facility during the day. Plus, an overnight or early-morning release enables you to maintain vital daily routines like reporting to work.

3.       Get enough time to organize the bonding fee and collateral

Typical bail bond agents require clients to pay a non-refundable upfront fee equal of 10% of the bail amount, and others have additional fees on top. That is necessary since bonding companies are businesses seeking profit like all others. Plus, you need collateral to secure the bond. For instance, if you desire a surety bond, the company may demand irrevocable letters of credit, appraised fixed assets like land or buildings, or a certificate of deposit from your banker backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). All these require time to collect and organize because, for instance, you may need to get the bonding service fee from different sources. Working with a 24-hour bail bond company gives you access to all the necessary information overnight and, therefore, you can budget and sort out everything the next day. 

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