Top 4 Myths About Bail Bond Agents Debunked

Hiring a bail bonds agency isn't something you anticipate. As a result, you never get to learn about bail bonds agents until you or a person close to you has been arrested. When that happens, you may receive lots of advice from family and friends, some of which may be inaccurate. To help you separate fact from fiction, this post debunks four common myths about bail bond agents. Keep reading!

Myth 1: Bail Bond Agents Only Receive Cash Payments

It isn't true that you must have cash in hand to hire a bail bonds agency. Most of them accept other means of payment, such as credit cards and checks. Some agencies even allow you to pay a portion of the premium upfront and the remaining amount in installments. In short, not having cash shouldn't be an excuse not to hire bail bond agents.

Myth 2: Bail Bond Agents Can Negotiate for a Lower Bail Amount

Many people think bail bond agents can help them negotiate better bail terms. But in reality, bail agents don't have any power when it comes to deciding the bail amount. Depending on the state you're from, different types of offenses have specific terms, while the judges may also have the final word on the bail amount. 

That said, the defendant can negotiate their own bail terms during the bail reduction hearing. Often, the courts don't have a problem reducing the bail amount if you can present a valid argument. For example, if it's your first arrest, you may be able to convince the court to reduce your bail amount. 

Myth 3: Bail Bond Agents Always Ask for the House as Collateral

It's true that sometimes bail bonds agents ask for collateral to post bail. This is normally the case when the bail amount is large. However, bail bond agents have a wide range of items they can accept as collateral, not just the house. These items include land titles, bonds, stocks, bank accounts, credit cards, and luxury jewelry. 

For minor cases, you might not even have to provide any collateral. A signature may be enough to have the bail agents post bail on your behalf. 

Myth 4: Bail Bond Agents Are Also Bounty Hunters

Many people assume bail bonds agents and bounty hunters are the same people. But in reality, they are different. Bail bond agents are people who have been trained to deal with licensed bail bonds. Their work is to post bail on your behalf so you or your loved one doesn't have to stay in jail as you wait for trial. 

On the other hand, bounty hunters are hired by bail bond agents or the court to locate defendants who have run away to escape impending jail time. If you have further questions about bail bonds, reach out to an agency like Steele Boys Bail Bonds.