4 Ways To Ensure A Seamless Working Relationship With A Bail Bonds Agency

Your actions and inactions can greatly influence how smoothly things will run when working with a bail bonds agency. Also important is your choice of agency. Here is a rundown of a few things to do that will ensure a smooth process.

1. Pick the Right Agency 

Conduct due diligence and identify the right bail bonds agency for you. Ensure you narrow your options to licensed bail bond agencies. Other important details to consider include the agency's limits on how much bond it can issue, what percentage it charges, and its policy on collateral or co-signing.

Bail bond companies are certainly not created equal. Ensure you pick one that best suits your requirements to avoid any hassle down the road. Recommendations from friends and family, as well as reading others' reviews, definitely helps with the search.

2. Be Truthful

The bail bonds agency will require you to provide some details. These include your phone number, current address, and contact information for your references.

Being untruthful in your application is indeed acting in bad faith, in which case the agency would have just cause for contract revocation. Again, if you don't provide the correct details, the bail bonds agency will have difficulty staying in touch with you while you are out of jail.

3. Understand the Terms and Conditions of Your Bond

The court may set any number of conditions that you must meet during the time you are out on bond. The most common include: 

  • Travel restrictions  
  • Mandatory check-ins   
  • No-contact orders   
  • Maintaining work obligations
  • Weapon restrictions
  • Staying clean and sober
  • Attending court-mandated classes

The bail bonds agency will require that you commit to meeting each condition. Failure to do so may not only result in your rearrest pending trial but also forfeiture of the bond amount paid to secure your release. This forfeiture is terrible for business, and the agency will require that you be fully compliant.

4. Stay Out of Trouble

In addition to the conditions of your bonds, ensure you stay out of all kinds of trouble and avoid getting rearrested. One of the crucial things the agency will require is that you sever ties and avoid keeping the company of former associates with a criminal record. The agency may revoke your contract if you get rearrested.

From choosing a licensed bail bonds agency that is a good fit for you to being truthful in your application and honoring the conditions of your bond agreement, you can determine how smoothly working with the agency will be for mutual benefit. 

For more info about bail bonds, contact a local company.