When The Mortgage Underwriter Needs More Information

It can be alarming when you receive a letter from the lender asking for clarification on some aspect of your mortgage application. However, this type of inquiry is common and is nothing to get anxious about. To find out more about dealing with a letter of explanation (LOE), read on.  Common Reasons for an LOE In many cases, the lender needs to verify information such as: The lender wants to know why the bank imposed an extra fee on your account. [Read More]

5 Advance Planning Steps For Newlyweds Before A Home Purchase

Many newlyweds want to start off their marriage with a new home to call their own as a family. But before you start shopping for a mortgage or a house, take the time to sit down together and decide on a few things. Here are these important preparatory steps.  1. Check Both Credit Scores One of the first moves a couple should make is to look at the credit scores of both partners. [Read More]

Should You Revoke That Bond?

If you wanted to help a friend get out of jail, you may have tried to do the right thing. Once your friend is bailed out of jail, your work is not done, however. Read on and find out more about your obligations and how to act when things go wrong. Bail Bonds are Great This way of bailing a friend out of jail is undoubtedly the easiest and least expensive way to do it. [Read More]

Common Myths Pertaining to Bail Bondsman and the Truth Surrounding Those Myths

If the courts grant you bail, a bail bondsman can work to post bail on your behalf, helping you to get out of jail. This allows you to continue to work, spend time with your family, and work on your defense until your case is resolved or your case goes to trial. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and myths pertaining to bail and the role of a bail bondsman. Here are a few of the most common myths and the truth surrounding these myths. [Read More]